Artist Duo
Cole + Aki

[ Japanese ]

Exhibitions in 2018


・Yoshie Tachiki, Cole Norton, Ren Fujii
Three person show

Cole Norton

at Gallery A Bientot in Asakusa, Tokyo

・Show in Ginza

Cole Norton Painting

Date: Feb 22nd and 23rd
Ginza gallery Ekoan
(3-3-12-7F Ginza, Tokyo, Japan)

・Ome Guesthouse Siryu kikbako

Date: February and March

・Live painting (Hawk and Pine trees) in Kosaiji Zen Temple

Date: March 31st

・Live painting (Tiger) in Shiofune Kannon Temple

Date: July 7th


・Solo Show in Yoh Gallery, Tokyo

Paintings will includes Kyoto Gion Maiko and Zen Monks
Date: July

Past Exhibition


Cole Norton Solo Show
“the breath of existence”

November 3(Fri),4(Sat),5(Sun) 10:00~16:00
At Gyokusenji Zen temple Ome,Tokyo

Cole Norton Solo Show- the breath of existence -2017年 11月 /  November3日(Fri)4日(Sat)5日(Sun)10:00am - 4:00pm 玉泉寺(本堂・客殿)東京都青梅市

Group Exhibition

・「the 26th All Japan and Chinse Painting exhibition」
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
・「the 27th All Japan and Chinse Painting exhibition」
Saitama Modern Art Museum, Saitama, Japan
・「30x30x30 Exhibition」
Var Gallery, Milwaukee, U.S.A
・「Figure Exhibition」
Var Gallery, Milwaukee, U.S.A

・「Figure Exhibition」
Var Gallery, Milwaukee
・“Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Faculty Exhibition”,
The Frederick Layton Gallery, Milwaukee, U.S.A